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Caravan Reno–Carpet

Posted by on January 22, 2012

What an awesome day Rob had yesterday!  We now have the new carpet installed in the caravan.

Pulling up the old Carpet

Rob was a bit concerned that he wouldn’t be able to get the carpet all laid out and cut before it started raining, but fortunately the rain didn’t eventuate.

Marking out the CarpetMarking out the Carpet

The new carpet was all laid out on the driveway, and the old one placed over the top to mark around before cutting.


The Table Goes Here

Here Rob is marking out the place where the table goes.

After marking the new carpet out came the cutting . . . . . . . Rob started out with a Stanley knife . . . . . .

Cutting New Carpet

Oops . . .


So after that he decided on using the scissors!

Using the Scissors

This is our bedroom carpet cut out . . . . . .

Bedroom Carpet

And here it is in the caravan . . . . . . .


We are so delighted with the results of our re-carpeting.

The carpet came from Neuendorf’s Carpet Warehouse at Maroochydore where we really got a bargain.

When we have the bed and table re-set in place I will post some more pictures of the final results.

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