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Medical Check-up

Posted by on January 21, 2012

I went to the doctor on Tuesday because I had a few things I wanted to get checked out before we leave, and I didn’t want to have to be in a hurry getting any tests etc done.

If like us you are needing a bit of a hand with some parts of your body it’s good to make sure you have everything covered before you leave home.  Particularly it’s a great idea to make sure you have enough of your medications and/or prescriptions, which is what I was doing.

As well as that I asked the doctor to check a mole on my left shoulder.  After looking at it he decided it was a bit inflamed, and perhaps he should shave the top off and send to pathology for testing.  He didn’t think it was anything sinister but it was best to make sure before I left home.

A totally unrelated matter had me going for a blood test, which I did on Tuesday also.

Fast Forward to Thursday morning now…….. the doctor’s office calls me up and says that he would like to see me to discuss my pathology results!


Oh, no.

Brain goes into overdrive!

Pathology results.  That could only mean one thing – my mole has turned out to be a melanoma!

If it was my blood test he wanted to see me about wouldn’t she have said “Blood Test Results”?  Surely.  Who calls blood test results pathology results???

An appointment was made for late Friday morning, so now I have over 24 hours to mull over just what this could possibly mean.


Trying to get control back of my mind was not an easy matter.  I’ve just been to the Gratitude Challenge life class where I learned that my brain does have thoughts of it’s own.  Now there’s a novel idea – all those thoughts I thought I was thinking weren’t really mine.  However, I digress.  So the battle goes on in my head, all the while I am trying not to think of the worst possible scenario.  Remember to be grateful for what I have.  Think positive thoughts.  Pray. Believe. Expect. Receive.


Perhaps I should mention here that I have previously had a very innocuous looking ‘freckle’ (it didn’t look like a mole to me) removed from my second toe in 2010 because it was a melanoma.  It also required a skin graft, which left me with 2 wounds to heal as a result of that little episode. So you see I had an earlier experience of something like this happening.


24032010(001)    04042010(004)


All the while I am trying to be strong, and not worry, but the butterflies were having a field day in my stomach!

Finally I could stand it no longer and I rang my BFF.  What a blessing that was!  I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I could function properly again.  When my head hit the pillow my mind was running through all the things I have to be grateful for – I won’t bore you with my list because you should have a list of your own.  Anyway I did manage to have a pretty good sleep.

Unfortunately the old fears resurfaced on Friday morning, but I managed to put on a brave face and head for the doctor’s surgery.

After a short wait he called me into his office.  My husband came with me for support.  I’d pretty much decided by this time that I was going to have my mole removed then and there.

As the doctor shut his door, he said “well, the mole is just what I thought it would be – which is a benign blah blah blah blah……….”

I didn’t really hear the rest of what he was saying, I was just so relieved 🙂   I let out a huge sigh of relief.

“What I wanted to discuss was the blood test results which have shown that you …….  Oh, I’m sorry – did you think it was the mole I wanted to see you about?  I hope you hadn’t worked yourself up into a frenzy about it.”  

Who me???

I am now more determined to appreciate the little things in my life.  It’s amazing what we take for granted.

What are some of the things you are grateful for in your life?  One of the things I am appreciative of is the fact that I can decide to pack up my life into a caravan and take off exploring this wonderful land of ours.  I guess it’s the freedom to do what you want and when you want it.

Have you ever had an experience like I just did when you thought your life was about to change in a way you didn’t want it to go?

I’ve decided that next time the doctors office rings me to tell me something like that I am going to ask more questions, so that I am not left wondering!

Oh, and yes – don’t forget to go and get your medical check up before you leave home

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7 Responses to Medical Check-up

  1. Daryl & Lyn Armstrong

    what a story so glad it turned out ok we Daryl and I have an appointment with the doctors at Morwell as we are also on the move we take our records with us just in case anyway we have to renew? our perscripitions and because Daryl is a diabetic so I hope all goes well with us also good on you you have done the right things better safe than sorry eh!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Lyn it was a huge sigh of relief when he said it was ok. Good on you for getting your records to take with you, I probably should do that for both of us, I hadn’t thought of taking records with us just our scripts. I am a diabetic too just control it with tablets – what about Daryl??

  2. Lisa Wood

    Hi Jenny,

    So glad that everything was ok in the end! Be nice if the doctors let you (on the phone) what the appointment was all about 😉
    take care
    Looking forward to following your trip.

    • Jenny

      Yep Lisa, that’s what I’ve decided – next time they ring to make an appointment for me to go back I’m asking what it’s about!!

  3. Lisa

    I’m glad everything worked out okay, Jenny! I understand your panic as I always react like that to doctor’s calls too. My husband had melanoma almost 16 years ago and I still worry everytime he sees the dermatologist and they decide to remove a small mole or freckle to check it. It is definitely stressful worrying that it could happen again.

    • Jenny

      Yes it is stressful but I’ve had a big lesson in the power of the mind, and me being in control of my thoughts! Glad to hear your husband has been ok for 16 years now.

  4. isuzu

    Stumbled onto your site and got caught reading the blood test story… Those bloody doctors. Im sure they know that they frighten the hell out of us.. Its probably their attempt at humour.
    Glad it turned out OK…
    Hopefully I will see you on the road somewhere…

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