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Wet Weather

The Spot Our Van Is On
Posted by on January 17, 2012

It’s nice to be having a bit of rain – but it is putting a dent in our preparation time.

The caravan is sitting nice and dry under the new cover Rob has fixed for it, however getting from the house to the caravan has become a real chore.

This is what the front yard looks like when it’s raining lots……  Fortunately it hasn’t rained quite as much as this which was last year’s mega downpour, but it’s not been far behind.  I’m sure you get the picture – lol

The ground is pretty wet!

Our Side Fence

The Spot Our Van Is On

Nice Waterfalls














With all the rain Rob is curtailed in what he can do, so he has dismantled the bed from the floor of the van so that he can pull up the carpet.  We have discovered that there must have been some serious water leaks at some point (before we purchased the caravan) and whoever installed the carpet went berserk with a staple gun and stapled it all over the place not just around the edge.  As if it was going to move anywhere with the bed on top of it screwed to the floor!

So here are some photos of Rob pulling the old carpet up.


It's A Bit Dirty

Lifting Old Carpet











Lifting Old Carpet














The New Carpet


Now because of the rain we have not been able to spread the new carpet out on the driveway to cut it to size using the old carpet as a template.  So here is a photo of the new carpet all rolled up and waiting.

We purchased our carpet at Neuendorf’s Carpet Warehouse at Maroochydore.  This is the second time we have been there for carpet and we have received great service on both occasions.  They have been very helpful – nothing is too much trouble even when we are confused about the size of the piece we need.  After much discussion we decided this one piece was sufficient to cover all the caravan floor so we really did get a bargain.




I can’t wait to see what the caravan looks like when we get the carpet laid and the curtains all put up – It’ll be like a new van for us!  I’m sure it will smell better too because that old carpet was really past its prime  😉



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8 Responses to Wet Weather

  1. Shawn

    Sorry about all the rain. But it sounds like you have a handy hubby who can work at making your caravan just like new.

    • Jenny

      Yes Shawn he is very handy. Takes his time but gets things done very well. I am very grateful we are able to do this ourselves – don’t like to think what it would cost otherwise!

  2. Anne Hannan

    Hi Jenny…This brings back so many memories for me. We bought an old caravan, and renovated it while still living in it….(That was a challenge…). New everything went into it…I loved it when it was completed. I felt like it was my palace, looked a bit ordinary on the outside..It was a great project and lots of fun. Good luck with it all…xo

    • Jenny

      Thanks Anne. Isn’t it good to have those memories? I’m not sure I would like to be living in this while we are doing the renos – how did you ever manage??

  3. Lisa Wood

    Gosh this rain is a bit too much! We are so stuck inside with little to do….and now that the rain has gone, the mold is coming out 🙂
    We decided not to put carpet down in our motorhome – but we need to put up carpet on the ceiling – not sure how that is going to go…don’t want the carpet to be covered in mold!

    All the best with your plans for travel – hope you get the carpet layed asap!

    • Jenny

      So the rain can’t make up it’s mind & today we’ve had a bit more! As for the mold at least you have only a bus size our old place on the farm used to get all molded up in the summer in every room!
      I’m sure there is a reason for carpeting the ceiling – just not sure what it is…..

  4. Denece

    Hi Jenny
    Well I finally got around to having a look at your I’m impressed. We’ve met quite a few cruzin nomads on our journeys. Yesterday at Ellenborough Reserve (make sure you put this one on your list of “definite to visit”) there were 11 of us at morning tea and a great time was had by all, celebrating friends’ 54th wedding anniversary. Some old friends and some new ones. We have a few more days there, just home to catch up with our daughter & grandchildren then back as fast as we can caper .. the sun has come through just enough each day to work it’s magic with the solar panels and the rain hasn’t spoilt our fun .. just have to dodge the showers .. All the best with the caravan reno .. LoL, Denece.

    • Jenny

      Thanks Denece
      I’m sure we’ll get to Ellenborough Reserve at some point, and I’m looking forward to it! You look to be having a great time.
      We’ll have to call in on you too …. the van is getting there and we are hoping to be on the road very soon.

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