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Posted by on July 14, 2012

True to it’s claim we did ‘sleep under koalas’ at Bimbi Park!



There seemed to be koalas everywhere.  We could hear them calling during the night, and at first wondered what the noise was. 

The locals seem to think there are too many koalas for the tree area, as a lot of the trees are dying because the koalas are stripping them bare.  However they are a great ‘tourist attraction’ as we discovered on our morning drive down to Cape Otway Lighthouse.  People would stop their cars wherever they spotted a koala which made driving interesting.

While on the way to the Lighthouse we were stopped by a young couple in a purple/green camper.  They had stopped to photograph a koala and were unable to start their camper again – flat battery – so Rob came to the rescue with our jumper leads.  I was so busy talking to the couple from Switzerland that I forgot to take a photo!  Can you believe that??


We drove over the grid into the Cape Otway Lightstation area.  Cape Otway Lighthouse is Australia’s most significant Lighthouse.  Cape Otway Lighthouse has been in operation since 1848.  It sits on cliffs that tower 80 metres above sea in the area where the Bass Strait meets the Southern Ocean.

The Lighthouse was built because many ships were wrecked off Cape Otway with a large loss of life.

Being on a budget we decided we would not pay to visit the Lighthouse but would save our money for the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk.  Hence I am unable to go into great detail of The Lightstation area and the Cape Otway Lighthouse.


After looking in the Lighthouse shop at the entry we decided to join the Great Ocean Walk to the Lighthouse lookout.  Being a National Park no bikes, dogs or horses were allowed, and there was a warning sign for snakes.  Here we were able to see the Lighthouse in the distance.



On the way back to Bimbi Park we thought the scenery was quite different.  We saw some cattle, so there is obviously areas of private land where they were grazing. 




As I mentioned earlier people just stop wherever they see a koala, which makes driving quite hazardous on the not too wide road.



As we rounded the corner someone was waving to slow us down, we wondered why but soon discovered that a koala had decided he didn’t like his tree and was crossing the road to another one!  He was surrounded by tourists; us included;  until he found a tree and climbed up.


The entire time we were in the Great Otway National Park it was showery, and I loved how the dampness made the trees look as they formed a canopy over the road.



Bimbi Park is a rather large camping area and they cater for all kinds of ‘camping’ from tents to dorms, onsite vans to cabins and obviously caravans.



As I mentioned the koala population is really creating a problem, so quite a few trees have metal bands around them to prevent the koalas getting a grip on the trunk to climb them.  This only really works where trees are isolated from other trees, as koalas just go from tree to tree via the branches!  They’re not silly…..

The tree on the left of the first photo has obviously been decimated by the koalas.



Bimbi Park also caters for riding camps, and this is one of their horses. 


During our stay at Bimbi Park I did something I thought I would never do – see photo below!  In my defence I did have cold feet and I was heading to the shower (hence the thongs). 


When we were packed up and ready to leave we couldn’t find Cruizer and had to go looking for him.  We finally found him trying to get into the climbing wall and he had nearly made it!


As we drove out of the Cape Otway region the sun came out – finally.


We had reached the Great Ocean Road again and were headed for the next installment of our Great Ocean Road Adventure.






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