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Posted by on July 10, 2012

Day 4  So here we are ready to move on, but not before having another quick look around.  Of course my love of trees came out again as we took a last walk along the esplanade where the trees form an arbour over the road.  This road connects the Erskine River mouth to the main Lorne foreshore area.  While I was taking photos a misty shower came over, but the trees sheltered us considerably.  We were close to the Swing Bridge again so I couldn’t resist another photo.



We bid a fond farewell to Lorne and wound our way towards  Apollo Bay.  I don’t know how many times I can say that the coastline was spectacular, but that’s just what it is and there is no other way to describe it.  We found that this section of the Great Ocean Road certainly was more windy than what we have already traversed, so required a considerable amount of concentration on the part of the driver who made good use of the ‘slow vehicle turn outs’ allowing others pass when possible.  Considering the state of the road these turnouts are essential to allow free movement of the traffic.



We passed thru many little places on our way the first of which was Cumberland River.  The scenery looking over the ocean is spectacular, but looking on the other side of the road also is magnificent.  It beggars description how those returned soldiers cut their way through the mountains using only pick & shovel manpower to make the road in the first place.

There are many pretty little bays we saw, along with a few rivers that enter the sea close to the road.  Here’s Separation Creek, Wye River, Kennett River,  Grey River, Sugarloaf Creek, Smythe’s Creek, Skenes Creek,





We loved the many B & B’s and accommodation places along the coast.  You could be miles from anywhere in the lap of luxury – one day I’m going to stay in these B & B’s on the Great Ocean Road.


I had commented to Rob that I wondered how they managed to do road-works on The Great Ocean Road.  Well we discovered as we were stopped on a section of road between Wongarra and Skenes Creek!

Coming closer to Apollo Bay we noticed the country changed and there was more farming with sheep and cattle on the hill sides.

We had decided to stop in Apollo Bay for lunch, and have a look around.  After visiting the Tourist Information Centre we walked around the foreshore park and down on to the beach.

While we were having our coffee one of the local shop owners threw their crumbs out for the seagulls.

Along the foreshore park are dotted a number of sculptures, and these are a few we liked.

The anchor is from the Speculant which was wrecked off Cape Patten in 1911 and had been restored by the Underwater Explorers Club of Victoria in 1970.

We were intrigued by all the clothing the shops had out on the footpath as we don’t think shops would be able to that on the Sunshine Coast.


It would have been nice to spend a night here but we were committed to staying at Cape Otway, so we continued on our way.  As we drove out of Apollo Bay before we left the water behind we were blessed with a rainbow.

Not far out of Apollo Bay the scenery changed as we climbed up the range into the Great Otway National Park.  We had been driving in and out of the Great Otway National Park since we left Anglesea, but this part of the park seemed to be different as we were heading away from the Ocean.

We noticed that the air had become decidedly cooler as we climbed higher and we were now in misty rain.

It wasn’t long until we turned off the Great Ocean Road and on to the Cape Otway Lighthouse Road and into Bimbi Park (Caravan & Camping Park) where we were greeted by the very friendly resident dog!

Since there was hardly anyone else in the park we occupied 2 sites right next to the amenities block.  During our stay here we had some rain, however we managed to do some walking around the camp ground.  Bimbi Park is quite large and caters for all types of campers as well as larger groups.  I’m not altogether convinced I would want to be there when the place is full – lol.

We were glad to be settled although there was no reception on our phone or internet – this was the worst spot on our Great Ocean Road Adventure for phone reception and when I tried to use the “public” phone (read Telstra) it was not working.  Thankfully the Bimbi Park office allowed me to use their phone to call home.





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