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Welcome to our Cruizin Nomads Blog!

Cruizin Nomads

You might be saying  “well who are you?”; so by way of introduction we are Robin & Jenny Johnson, and this is where we would like to share a little of ourselves with you.

Jenny is originally from Brisbane – a born and bred Queenslander.  Robin came to Queensland as a 16yr old with his parents to take up a farm on the Sunshine Coast growing sugar cane.  Our lives collided and resulted in the Johnson family: Robin & Jenny (now married for 37 years) and 3 girls.  Of course we now can also add our grandchildren to this mix – being 1 teenage boy and 1 little miss 7!  I’m sure you’ll see them pop up in photos from time to time.

Over the years we have camped (tenting) and caravaned with our family and always enjoyed the lifestyle, so it was almost a foregone conclusion that we would take to the road as Nomads when we retired – we just weren’t sure how.  Like most good plans we have hit a few obstacles along the way and it has taken us a little longer than we anticipated to be able to get “on the road” but it looks like our desires are being granted as we are now preparing for our launch into our great Australian dream – a trip around the big block!

So buckle up and come along for the ride with us as we prepare to take off on the trip of a lifetime…………



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9 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Marina

    Jenny, I’m looking forward to reading of your tales. Hubby and I plan on getting on the road when the kids are off our hands – so I’ll be following your blog for tips 🙂 If you ever go near Burren Junction – be sure to stay over for the hot bore baths – there is something magical about floating in the hot water looking at the stars 🙂

    • Jenny

      Thanks Marina –
      I hope you find my tales interesting 😉 How long till your children will be off your hands and you can get on the road?
      I’ll certainly keep a look out for Burren Junction (I’ve just looked it up on google maps – lol) and discovered its not far from places we have already been. I LOVED the hot baths at Moree and we stayed at the caravan park that has it’s own. Maybe I need to do a blog post about that cause there is a story in there! But yes, I could have stayed there for a good while.

  2. Chris

    Hi there Robin & Jenny,
    Great blog you have,keep up the good work.My hubby & I are picking up our new van in the next two weeks.We bought a New Age ” Big Red” are taking it away for a few weeks over christmas to our daughters place,she lives up in the hills behind Mullumbimby with a beautiful veiw to wake up to every day.Hope to get some tips off you.Will have a look at yummy recipes as well.We plan to be Cruzin Nomads in the next few years.Can’t wait 🙂
    Cheers Chris & Stan

    • Jenny

      Thanks Chris & Stan. Mullumbimby sounds delightful (and free!) I’m sure you’ll have a great time over Christmas. It’s amazing the tips you pick up from other travelers, so I hope I can help you too. Cruizin is what we like to do, no racing from here to there, we enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Stay safe 😉

  3. Lauren from Explore Australia

    Hi Jenny & Robin,

    Wow, it looks like you guys are having an amazing time on the road. We’d love to nominate you for our Road Trippers Hall of Fame, which celebrates Aussies travelling around our great country. You can find out more about the Hall of Fame here, and you can see our other Hall of Famers on our Facebook page.

    Lauren from Explore Australia

  4. Explore Australia

    Emailing you now Jenny 🙂

    • Lauren from Explore Australia

      Hi Jenny

      Each year we run an Road Trippers Hall of Fame to celebrate all those families, couples and individuals out there exploreing Australia. We stumbled across your blog and thought you were worthy of a nomination. You can view other 2012 nominees right here

      Towards the end of the year we select a winner of the Road Trippers Hall of Fame for that year and shower them with prizes! (we have a few runners up prizes too!)

      To be included in the Hall of Fame for 2012 all we need are a few details about your trip (which we can get from the About section on your blog), permission to grab an image from your blog (likely, the one on you about page!) and then we’ll do a short write up and add your info to our Hall of Fame. We’ll like to tell our friends on Twitter about our new nominees too.

      So essentially there is nothing you need to do except for grating us permission to include you.

      You can view more details about the Hall of Fame on our website –

      Any questions, let us know.


      • Jenny

        Hi Lauren
        You most certainly do have my permission to include my blog on the Road Trippers Hall of Fame. I’d be a blast!

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